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Welcome 3LL to a new year and new opportunities at Polygon School.


Firstly, we would like to welcome you to our new tutor group this year, 3LL, and their new staff Mr. Lloyd & Mr. Baroche. Mr. Lloyd takes over from the excellent work of Miss. Judge while she is away on maternity leave and will be running your Geography, History and RE lessons.


Our focus to begin with will be on respect. Respect for each other (peers and staff), and for our environment (tutor room and the school site). You will each have the opportunity to take on new challenges which will help you to succeed in your education. We will support your learning with the work we will do as part of ‘Wake Up Shake Up’ activities in the morning, and through other tutor initiatives.


Don’t forget to check out Tutor Board in the classroom to get all the information you will need such as; your targets, your current attendance, your activity choices and your timetables. If you have a particular interest in an after school club, or have an idea for a club that isn’t currently offered, please let Mr. Lloyd know.

I hope that we can have a great year as a tutor group and am confident we can win some of the trophies in assemblies throughout the year.



Mr Lloyd.