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Breakfast Club

I am sure that everyone has told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, we agree and for that reason we start the school day at The Polygon with the opportunity for you to have a glass of fruit juice, a bowl of cereal and some toast and jam.


It's a social activity, too, since the groups for this session are arranged vertically and comprise of pupils drawn from all year groups.  This means that our younger pupils can enjoy the benefits of being helped by the older pupils - a bit like an extended family.


This is also a time for giving out information about what is happening during the day, discussing any issues arising and sharing the blog on our website to find out the School's news.  Each morning, your teacher organises a different activity: on Mondays we look at the main stories in the national news, on Fridays we do a quiz or an 'intriguing question' and the other sessions are spent doing PSHE and Citizenship topics.


Our Breakfast Club provides a healthy, relaxed and enjoyable start to your day.