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Severe Weather Warning for w/c 2.7.18

For the attention of the Council Management Team, Public Health Team, Health Protection Forum Members and previously nominated team members from local authority services.

The Met office has issued a level 3 heatwave weather warning for the period between 0900 on Monday 2nd July and 2100 on Tuesday 3rd July in parts of England.

  1. What does this heatwave warning mean?

This is issued when the weather described in Level 2 actually happens. This means that the average threshold temperature is 30ºC during the day and 15ºC overnight. You should refer to the Public Health England Heatwave Plan for further information.

  1. What is the risk?

The risk specifically for South East England is 90%

Organisations are advised to continue to monitor the local situation, consider implement precautionary measures and expect further information from the Joint Emergency Planning Duty Officer (JEPDO) if the risk changes.

Portsmouth Forecast

Southampton Forecast

The weather forecast for Portsmouth during this period can be viewed using the following link and

The weather forecast for Southampton during this period can be viewed using the following links and


  1. What actions should I consider for a level 3 heatwave warning?

There are 5 levels in the Met Office cold weather warning system as summarised in the table below:

Level 0

Long-term planning

All year

Level 1

Heatwave and summer preparedness programme

1st June – 15th September

Level 2

Heatwave is forecast – Alert and readiness

60% risk of heatwave in next 2-3 days

Level 3

Heatwave action

Temperature reached in one or more Met Office National Severe Weather Warning Service regions

Level 4

Major Incident – emergency response

Central Government will declare a Level 4 alert in the event of severe or prolonged heatwave affecting sectors other than health


Please refer to the action cards in the Public Health England heatwave plan.

Advice for health and social care professionals:

Advice for care home managers and staff:

Beat the heat: Keep cool at home checklist

Looking after children and those in early years settings during heatwaves: guidance for teachers and professionals

Please forward this information to as necessary within your services/ departments. A reminder that we are responsible as a local authority for ensuring a cascade of information to the following and that it has previously been agreed that the onward cascade would be initiated by those of you responsible for these services:

  • Health and Wellbeing Boards (Public Health will notify the Chair)
  • Social services
  • Day care centres
  • Residential homes and children's homes
  • Schools and nurseries
  • Children's centres
  • Voluntary organisations including those who provide winter warmth advice ("SVS" copied in for distribution)

The PCC and SCC Heatwave Plan allows us to hold an internal meeting to discuss and share information and to offer support with your response. Should you or your department wish to have a meeting to discuss implications please contact Emergency Planning who will arrange for a meeting to take place (normally via teleconference). In the meantime please refer to the table and action cards (see section 3 of this email).