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Dear 3BW,


Welcome to Year 8!  We are Mrs Brobson and Ms Waldram, and we will be your tutors this year.

As you move further up the school, we will continue to develop the skills you started to build in Year 7.  From the beginning we will focus on building your resilience and organisation, to help you to learn more effectively.  We will also help you develop leadership skills and independence, as you start to become a positive role models for those lower down in the school.  You will be expected to be punctual and to maintain a high level of attendance to make sure you get the most out of your time at school!


Our role as tutors is to provide a safe space for you, and to support you through your time at the Polygon School.  If you have anything you want to talk about, we want you to feel comfortable and confident enough to come to us.


We feel  lucky to have such a great group, and we look forward to tackling the adventure of this year together!


Mrs Brobson and Ms Waldram