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Welcome back to what promises to be another exciting year! We feel very lucky to be continuing our journey into Year 8 alongside you.

In Year 8, you will continue building upon the skills you learnt last year, particularly your independence and resilience, as you face new challenges in your learning. Learning is a skill, as is learning from your mistakes to improve. My role is to support and encourage you to ensure progress is made. I maintain high standards of behaviour and attitudes towards learning, meanwhile, fostering a positive atmosphere where you feel respected and valued.

In addition to a broad and diverse curriculum, you will be given extensive opportunities to partake in personally and socially enriching experiences - I hope to see some of you taking advantage of the residential trips abroad that are on offer this year!

We hope to show you and guide you in taking responsibility for developing your own academic, emotional and social skills, so you can fulfil your potential. Ambition is such an important tool in achieving success. This year, we want you to aim high!

Miss Handley Potts and Miss Fornal