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Welcome Back 4AW!


I am looking forward to our lovely group meeting up again after a hot summer. I hope you are excited about a new year at The Polygon School too.


You should all remember how good we became at being kind to each other, listening, sharing, taking turns, having relevant conversations, being honest, being respectful, and always trying our hardest. Oh, and we were good at smiling!


You will be offered lots of opportunities throughout the next year at The Polygon School, including some new experiences. You will have the opportunity to try new outdoor learning. We will be taking part in new art projects, so make sure you keep your attendance up, join in, and don’t miss out.


As well as your learning, we will be having some fun again in our tutor group. Mrs Thomas, and I are looking forward to quizzes, puzzles, music and Hall games with you all.


I would like you to be resilient, join in, and always try your hardest. Remember you can come and see me for anything, including showing me your fantastic work from lessons. Oh, and remember to keep smiling!


Mrs White