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The English Department are passionate about delivering English as a journey of self discovery, where pupils enjoy ‘real’ experiences that enlighten their knowledge and understanding of the skills in writing, reading, speaking and listening.  We bring texts ‘alive’ with media and film activities, as well as frequent of-site visits, particularly to the theatre.  Having an insight into the contexts of when and how the texts we study are produced is both interesting and important, especially if we are able to make connections with our local community and Hampshire, with authors of our Literary Heritage.




Pupils in KS3 will develop their skills in reading, writing and speaking and listening through a wealth of learning opportunities, the  aim being to inspire and develop an interest for English language and literature.

The students  will explore a range of fiction and non-fiction texts developing their own ideas and opinions about characters and learning how to comment on the language choices made by writers/authors. As well as texts from different cultures, they will also study texts from the English Literary Heritage, including work by Shakespeare and contemporary fiction.

The English department will  introduce pupils to plays, poems, short stories and novels.  Through individual reading and writing, students will appreciate the importance of audience and purpose and how to adapt and vary their writing in different situations.

Throughout KS3 the pupils will develop and improve their spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Towards the end of Years 8 and 9, pupils will take an Entry Level in English, in preparation for their examinations at KS4.




English is a core subject in KS4 and all students will be expected to  achieve some level of exam success .

Students will be entered  for either English Language and/or English Literature GCSE, which is assessed by means of two exams at the end of year 11, for each course or, Functional Skills or entry Level. 

Our aim is to enable students to gain competence and confidence in as wide a range of texts as possible and to fulfil their individual potential.

At KS4 we hope to develop both expertise and enjoyment in all areas of the English curriculum through the study of a wide range of texts in a variety of media and also to explore the issues, ideas and values expressed through a text.

Texts and tasks are carefully chosen to match students interests and abilities.