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  • The Polygon School
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  • Chair of Governors: Andrea Faustino

Gatsby Benchmark

Gatsby Benchmark


Awarding body:   Careers and Enterprise Company


Description of award:


The Gatsby Benchmarks are measured vis the Compass Tracker Tool. The school is measured against 8 Benchmarks to see how effective it is at delivering a Careers Programme across the school.

How does the whole school contribute to the award?:


By delivery of Careers related lessons in PSHE, Science, Maths and English. By engaging in Careers activities such as ‘Get Inspired@ the Southampton Careers Show that the whole school have attended for the past 3 years

Milestones/achievements from the award:


100% implementaion of 6 out of 8 Benchmarks. This takes the school into the top 7% nationally in terms of Benchmarks achieved.

Length of time school has had the award:


We have been tracking Benchmark progress for 3 years and it is reviewed termly.