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International School

International School Award


Since 2012 the international work at our school continually develops to make our pupils more aware of their local community and the wider world. With help from all staff and the SLT it is embedded across the school through; the school policy, schemes of work, and many projects. In 2017 a review of pupil's knowledge, using the Global Learning Assessment Tool earnt credits to use to develop staff cpd gaining the Level 1 Global Teacher Award. Our global work went further in 2018 developing pupils' global learning within the local community and linking with other schools through another grant gained. Specifically, we wanted the pupils to have an understanding of how poverty is not just in our local area, but a global issue and how they can help to reduce this. The school ski trip gives the opportunity to; learn a new language, experience different cultures, and apply knowledge. David Patchell is the International School Coordinator (assisted by all staff) and an associate governor responsible to report back on how the pupil's education has been enriched through the school's SIP. Our international partnerships have strengthened and seen collaborative work increase. Through our partner in Iceland, we were successful in gaining an award for a British Council School Exchange visit in 2020. Other partner projects are; ‘War on Plastics´and how this builds from our local community, Project Poland in Citizenship, Southampton in Bloom, and the Bio profiles Project looking at environmental topics/impact.



  • 2012 – Gained the International Schools Award Foundation
  • 2012 – Gained the International Schools Award Intermediate
  • 2013/14 – Gained the Full International Schools Award 2014-2017
  • 2017/2018 – Successful re-accreditation of the full International Schools Award 2017-2020
  • 2020 – Successful re-accreditation of the full International Schools Award 2020-2023



As an embedded International Schools Award activity - Food Boxes, it is great to see the Global Learning Programme funded project established in 2018 continuing.  Produce from our allotment is given to a local charity to serve in their soup kitchen, giving our pupils a first-hand experience/insight into how we can help those less fortunate in the local community.


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The long-term Impact on Pupils, Teachers and the Community: as a school we want to continue to develop pupils, teachers and the school community´s global learning within the local community, combining with other schools in the future. Specifically, we want our pupils to have an understanding of how poverty is not just in our local area, but a global issue and how their actions can help to reduce this. This is achieved through the practical work on the allotment seeing first hand the fruits of their work and the week of PSHEE work completed in our schools Breakfast Club. The cross-curricular work related to the project gave the pupils a greater understanding of sustainability and poverty on a global scale. In the future, we want to take this project to other schools and develop it further by looking at the history of Southampton and the local area and how this has impacted today's views and awareness of poverty and sustainability. More schools involved would increase the understanding of sustainability and global reasoning in Southampton. This would be achieved through our school network, governors, and promoting within city-wide headteacher meetings. Staff have also gone beyond the aims of our activities in thinking about how could we expand them in the future, for example, one staff member had an idea of the pupils sponsoring a pupil's education from a different country and the impact this would have. This resulted in this being voted and approved by the pupils.

We plan on sustaining the international ethos by seeing how a big project can have an impact on; staff, pupils, the local community and our international partners we want to see how we can sustain and develop this. Cross-curricular work, shared practice and a better understanding of our partners has led to the to the discussion of a first school exchange from Húsaskóli to The Polygon School in the UK. The impact on our pupils over the past three years has seen them building on and focusing their minds in terms of making them more aware of the global community. It has made them think more about another countries culture and comparing it to their own. The pupils saw first hand a different schooling system and how pupils in another country have a different perspective on things. It was great to see them exchange games/ideas and realise how similar they were. We want to review this exchange visit further and we can help others and ourselves achieve more. We will sustain our international ethos by the continued development of our teachers professionally, the continued support from our governing body and pupils and staff being open to learn about different countries and cultures in different forms of learning. We want to build on the work we do with our partner schools and how we can aid schools in our local community on their international school journeys.


Pupils have been able to see first hand the fruits of their work. This was especially the case on the School Exchange Visit where pupils got to understand another country and culture up close and personal. A good example of the impact on our pupils /thoughts on the School Exchange were: Marley - "The Blue Lagoon was phenomenal and the best bit. Sleeping on mattresses in a scout hall was not as bad as I thought it was going to be." Rio "The school staff and pupils at Húsaskóli were so friendly it is unreal. We realised the card games we were learning are very similar to the ones we have learnt in the UK but with a different name." A parent from Húsaskóli: "Frábærtaðbörnin í 6. bekkfáitækifæritilaðæfaenskunasína á þínufólki :) JH var mjögánægðurmeðdaginn. Takkfyriraðskipuleggjaþettasvona vel." For our pupils, with an SEN background, the impact of learning and experiencing other countries and cultures has been huge over the past three years and as a school, we look forward to more international work that will impact them even further.




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