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POST TITLE:     Mental Health Support Worker, acting as a Teaching and Play Assistant


GRADE:     Grade 7


CONTRACTUAL ARRANGEMENTS:   35 hours per week, term time only.  Working 08. 30 to 15.30 hrs each day


ACCOUNTABLE TO:    Class Tutor, and the senior leadership team.




  • To assist in the learning and skill development of a specific child who will be working within a small group of pupils, by helping to provide a learning environment that enables access the curriculum and support with social skills


  • To be the “meet and greet” person at the start of each school day, ensuring the child is ready for school, and assisting with breakfast sessions, and setting the calm tone of the day


  • To work with teachers and support staff to ensure the emotional and behavioural needs of the specific child are known and understood


  • To be the primary responder to any emotional upset displayed by the child


  • To offer support in “activity-based” session at lunchtimes and break times


Key Accountabilities


  • To work with a specific child within a small group of pupils, as directed by the class teacher to support a variety of subjects across the whole curriculum.


  • To establish a supportive, caring, and secure relationship with the individual child, promoting respect, self-esteem, and a sense of belonging to the school, and acting as an advocate for the child as necessary.


  • To be the first responder to any issue which requires adult intervention for the specific child.


  • To assist the class tutor with the planning, development, and delivery of suitable programmes of work for the specific pupil, and to ensure accurate daily recording of progress, success and areas for development.


  • To help, support and motivate the pupil: clarifying instructions, encouraging independent learning and behaviour and enabling learning targets and outcomes to be achieved.


  • To liaise with the professional network involved with the child, and submit regular written reports on progress to the multi-agency team.


In addition, where possible:


To assist with general school duties. 


These will include:

a.  Supervising pupils in an informal setting at the start of the school day

b.  Setting up classrooms, preparing resources and displays and tidying and clearing away

c.  Supervision of pupils during break times and lunchtime

d.  Supervision of pupils entering and leaving school premises

e.  Assessing, reporting, and recording progress as directed by teaching staff


Supporting the school


At an appropriate level, according to the job role, grade and training received, all employees in the school are expected to:


  1. Support the aims, values, mission and ethos of the school and participate in a team approach to all aspects of school life.
  2. Attend and contribute to staff meetings and INSET days as required, and identify areas of personal practice and experience to develop.
  3. Take appropriate responsibility for safeguarding and pupil's welfare and be aware of confidential issues linked to home/child/teacher/school and keep confidences appropriately. 
  4. Be aware of health and safety issues and act in accordance with the school’s Health and Safety Policy.




The post holder may be expected to carry out duties other than those given in the job description where the level of responsibility is similar and he/she has appropriate qualifications or receives appropriate training to carry out these duties.


The post holder will be offered other job opportunities in Southampton Cooperative Learning Trust schools as appropriate.