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  • The Polygon School
  • Handel Terrace, Southampton, SO15 2FH
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  • Tel: 023 8063 6776
  • Chair of Governors: Andrea Faustino

New Website To Help Young People Do A One Eighty Away from Boredom

A new website our Parents and Carers may be interested in.


Wondering what to do with your free time?


One Eighty helps you find your activity, event, course, group, or just a place to hang out, where and when you want it.  Use the app to find something you’re interested in, find out if it costs anything (we’ve got lots of free stuff), and how easy it is to get there. And then just go. Rate what you find, and see what’s popular in your area. Heading somewhere new? Find out what’s going on there too.


Don’t get bored, get involved with One Eighty.


Please click here to link to the Oneeighty website for more information.