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  • Handel Terrace, Southampton, SO15 2FH
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  • Tel: 023 8063 6776
  • Chair of Governors: Andrea Faustino

Re-Think Periods Ambassador

Re-Think Periods Ambassador



Awarding body: City to Sea

Description of award:


Rethink Periods is a free, nationwide schools programme updating mainstream period education in primary and secondary schools. It offers unbiased and informative information on all products available and the social and environmental contexts of menstruation.


How does the whole school contribute to the award?:


#rethinkperiods programme gives school everything it needs to educate and empower students when it comes to their period education and understanding.

With these resources, teachers will be able to equip young people with the tools to understand menstruation and feel prepared and positive about changes in their lives.

Milestones/achievements from the award:


Achieved award in 2021


Length of time school has had the award:


New for 2021