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  • The Polygon School
  • Handel Terrace, Southampton, SO15 2FH
  • Email: Miss Davina Yates on
  • Tel: 023 8063 6776
  • Chair of Governors: Andrea Faustino

School Ethos

Our School Ethos and Vision


Our school is a place where children will feel happy, supported and empowered to make good life choices, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect; where everyone feels a sense of belonging to the school community so that every person can become more confident and ambitious about their personal aspirations.

Every young person will be entitled to an excellent education, that gives them opportunities to fulfil their potential, develop resilience, independence, self-worth and contribute positively to their community and society.

All members of the school community can expect to be treated with respect, care and compassion.

Diversity is recognised and celebrated, whilst maintaining the right for all to feel safe, all of the time and accepting that we are all responsible for our own choices and actions.

The staff and Governors wish that every young person in our sustainable school experiences academic success, enjoyment and happiness in a place where their health, creativity and well-being is nurtured and developed.

Working with a small group of pupils, a member of our staff team, Gloria Burton made these large, bespoke posters for the school hall.  The posters describe the PiXL Edge Key Attributes, known as LORIC, serving as a reminder of the qualities we wish to instil in our pupil.


    Leadership        Organisation          Resilience           Initiative        Communication


Our hall posters displaying the words leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative, communication.



Anne Hendon-John

February 2021