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Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy


Katherine Wareham is a speech and language therapist who works for Alex Kelly Ltd. She works in school with pupils once a week. As part of her role she works with students with speech, language, and communication needs such as:

  • Understanding words and meanings

  • Understanding instructions in class

  • Accessing lessons

  • Expressing ideas

  • Narrative (retelling stories and events)

  • Expressing feelings

  • Speech difficulties and stammering

Every child is screened for their level of communication and those that have difficulties may have 1:1 sessions to further assess and then work on their communication skills. She may complete pair or group work with students around their language or narrative skills. Katherine will set targets for these students and regularly review how they are getting on. She works with staff at school to help students transfer the skills they learn with her into all areas of the school day.