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Parental Concerns

Parental Concerns


As a parent some of your main concerns may be

  • Being kept informed by the school if there are any problems with your sons’ learning or behaviour.

  • Hoping that he is able to keep himself safe from potential harm in case of bullying and also during his journey to and from school.

  • Being an active parent in his school.

Starting secondary school is a big step for your child. They will be moving from being the oldest in a small to the youngest in a different school. Some children will be moving with friends and classmates from primary school; others may not know anyone in their new school. For all children, there will be a lot to take in and to learn, particularly in the first

few weeks.


Our School will be organised differently to your sons’ primary school, but he will quickly get used to it. There are lots of ways to help and support your child as they settle into year seven and throughout their time at school. You do not need to be an expert in what your child is learning - being interested is the first and most important step. You will have regular contact, sometimes daily with your child’s class tutor or their class assistant. You will also be contacted at the end of each week to discuss successes and areas for improvement and also attendance and behaviour.


The teenage years can be turbulent as children find their own identity. The move to secondary school comes at the same time as your child is becoming more independent, with more arguments and conflict. You might be anxious about the risks that teenagers face. If you are concerned or going through a difficult time, there are people and organisations you can talk to and as a school we can help you contact these organisations.