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ASDAN at The Polygon School



“ASDAN’s mission is to engage young people aged 11 to 25 years in greatest need to achieve meaningful learning outcomes, which elevate them to go on to further education, training or work, and empower them to take control of their lives”


The Polygon School delivers the ASDAN ‘Lifeskills Challenge’ to individuals and groups. This programme enables schools to meet pupil’s needs by providing a personalised curriculum for young people with SEND or those facing barriers to learning.


Challenges have been mapped to the four Preparing for Adulthood pathways and cover subject areas such as English, mathematics and PSHE



Our main focus is on Pupil Engagement, raising Attendance and Nurture.


Lifeskills Challenges are delivered around a combination of:

  • what a pupil is motivated by
  • what a pupil needs to do to progress during their time at school
  • what a pupil needs for transition after The Polygon


We recognise that every pupil has their own unique strengths and it is our job to identify and develop their strengths so that pupils can take their place in, and make a positive contribution to society and their local communities.




Pupil’s who complete the Lifeskills Challenge will receive ASDAN accredited        certification.



  • Learning in a safe and secure environment.
  • Planned, structured and sequenced lessons.
  • Utilising both on and off site resources.
  • A broad range of equipment and experiences.
  • Qualified and experienced staff.
  • Consistent marking and feedback using marking policy
  • A range of assessment techniques including the use of ICT.
  • Consistency in approach to behaviour management in line with school policy.



We expect positive outcomes for pupils and hope to see an increase in participation levels and engagement. Positive progress can be monitored through attendance, emotional literacy data, progress in work books and achievement of accredited awards.


We further support our pupils by sign posting potential and supporting with transition to career pathways and opportunities for further education.