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Southampton Co-operative Learning Trust


The Southampton Co-operative Learning Trust provides education for over 3000 children and their families in the local area. Alongside us in the Trust are; Banister Primary School, Foundry Lane Primary School, Freemantle C of E Community Academy, Regents Park Community College and St John's Nursery and Primary School and St Mark’s C of E School.

The Trust has a shared identity through our commitment to safe and secure environments which strengthen and sustain high standards and achievement for the communities we serve.




Together we seek to:-


  • Develop positive contributors to the wider community who are confident, caring, well rounded, responsible citizens with high self esteem and a sense of responsibility to their community and the wider world
  • Celebrate the diversity of our members, our community and the wider world, promoting flexibility, enjoyment, a love of learning and community cohesion
  • Encourage enterprising, responsible risk taking attitudes whereby skills, knowledge and learning are applied in a diversity of settings
  • Collaborate through open dialogue to develop our outward facing organisations in a way which is supportive of our family of schools.

SCLT Our Vision and Aims

SCLT Our Achievements and Aspirations

The Trust Members include (in addition to us):


*Please click on the image to access each schools website.