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Morris House

Engagement Programme at The Polygon School



The Engagement Programme based at Morris House was put in place to meet the needs of our learners who, for their reasons, are unable to access their education on the main school site. Pupils in the Engagement Programme have wide-ranging needs therefore we design individual timetables to encourage attendance, participation, and engagement using  Morris House, off-site provisions as appropriate as well as the teaching resources available at the main school site.



Our main focus is on Pupil Engagement, raising Attendance and Progress.

The timetable for Morris House is designed around the needs of our learners and takes in to account the following factors:

  • Pupils motivation and interests to develop engagement
  • Positive outcomes to promote progress in education
  • Motivation, self-awareness, and resilience to be able to make progress for their next steps.


At Morris House, we believe that:

fair is not everyone getting the same thing but everyone getting what they need to succeed’,

which is why we offer an alternative programme of education for whom the main school curriculum is not appropriate.



Pupils are offered the same access to academic qualifications as the pupils on the main school site. Where appropriate, pupils may join a class group on the main school site for a part of their provision. The majority of our pupils receive their education at Morris House delivered by designated Morris House staff supported by Teachers and Support staff from the main school.



  • Pupils feeling safe and secure within their learning environments both at Morris House and off-site.
  • Planned, structured and sequenced lessons delivered by Morris House and Main school site staff.
  • Appropriate use of Morris House, off-site provisions, and Main Site resources.
  • Designated Morris House staff who have regular CPD.
  • Consistent marking and feedback using the PIXL marking policy.
  • A range of assessment techniques including the use of ICT.
  • Behaviour expectations for all pupils in line with the school Behaviour Policy.
  • Cross-curricular activities and learning.



We promote positive outcomes for pupils concerning attendance, engagement, and progress. Pupils in the Engagement Programme are offered learning opportunities on and off-site to raise their attendance and engagement. This progress is monitored by Individual Engagement Plans, SiMS data for attendance and engagement in sessions, Emotional Literacy Checklists, work that pupils complete within the structure of the day, accredited qualifications gained by the end of Year 11, and progress to appropriate destinations.