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Here at The Polygon School we try lots of new styles and media in art. Alongside drawing and painting lessons we also make tile mosaics, ink marbling, 3D model work and try various ways of printing. We get involved with local artists, workshops and galleries and have had our students’ work exhibited at Tate Modern Gallery, London, Southampton City Gallery, Solent Showcase Gallery, John Hansard Gallery, Richard Tauntons Sixth Form College, a billboard at Ocean Village, Marlands Shopping Centre  and one of our projects was in the British Art Show 8 which toured galleries as far away as Edinburgh! The students involved in the projects and visits are chosen for each different one depending on the style of art. The lower school study a programme that builds experience and skills for the first two years that also allows time for whole school projects or current events that are coming up. In the upper school from Year 9 the students follow a programme that allows them more choice on the topic or subject of their work and so is more personalised. All students have the opportunity to achieve Arts Awards throughout their five years, and GCSE at the end of Year 11 with a full portfolio.


Polygon Boys’ work making an aeroplane cockpit at Tate Modern Gallery, London


Polygon Boys’ work with Kev Munday displayed on a billboard by Ocean Village, Southampton


A whole school project – a tile mosaic