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Polygon School Curriculum

Polygon School Curriculum: What do we believe?

  • The curriculum must be designed to meet the needs, wants and aspirations of our pupils whilst understanding the complexities of the communities in which they live.


  • Qualifications are very important for our pupils but developing their skills for social, emotional and mental health well-being is equally important.


  • We need to tailor our pupil’s curriculum around their strengths and interests, therefore we will have some pupils that follow alternative curriculum pathways that encompasses their needs, interests and post 16 career aspirations.


  • We choose qualifications around interest and engagement; choosing the most appropriate qualifications that will give our pupils their best chance with post 16 options. At times this means that we run qualifications that do not count on performance tables.


  • Literacy is prioritised at all levels of the curriculum to ensure that our pupils are not inhibited by a lack of literacy skills.


  • Considering the complex needs of our pupils and their previous school experiences, our curriculum places high value on engagement prior to commencing academic rigour.


  • In support of our flexible curriculum we need an extensive careers programme for all pupils, that will significantly aid them in transition from school to their post 16 option. This means that our NEET figures at the school are a very important measurement of success.