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  • The Polygon School
  • Handel Terrace, Southampton, SO15 2FH
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  • Tel: 023 8063 6776
  • Chair of Governors: Andrea Faustino

How Is Your Child Feelng?

How is your child feeling?


Your child is likely to feel a bit nervous. Rather than saying “there’s nothing to worry about”, it’s more helpful to tell your child that feeling nervous is natural, and that everyone gets nervous when facing new situations. In the beginning they might worry about practical things, like getting lost. This should go in a few days, as they learn the new routine and layout of the school. Your child may also be worried about the work, or making new friends and many parents feel anxious when their child starts school, but try not to let it show.


Most importantly, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns before your child starts at our school or once they begin Year 7. No problem is too small to be important.