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Work Skills

Work Skills at The Polygon School



Work Skills is a programme of education that gives our pupils the opportunity to learn skills and acquire knowledge that can be transferred to Post 16 and future working lives. As part of a whole school approach, Work Skills blends with the PSHE and Citizenship curriculum. Within these lessons we focus on preparing our pupils to be in the best position possible to move forward from The Polygon School to college, work, etc.



Work Skills is a timetabled provision in the KS4 curriculum. We work to ensure the specific and individual needs of our pupils are met by utilising their aspirations to drive their learning.

Pupils all have access to an independent Careers Advisor, via EBP South, alongside Work Skills lessons which allow staff to understand individual pupil’s intent when they leave school and move on to their next destination.   


Work Skills 

Work Skills covers a two year plan starting with ‘Developing Aspirations’ and ‘Post 16 Pathways for progression’. Pupils also explore the topics ‘Learning to be financially Capable’, ‘Forming and Understanding Workplace Relationships’, ‘Assessing Myself for Work’, ‘Making Informed Career Choices’ and ‘Applying for Jobs and Courses’

These topics also cover CV writing, application forms, practice Interviews and making a career plan.



  • Pupils feeling safe and secure to discuss topics and explore the world of work
  • Practical world of work focussed lessons
  • Planned, structured and sequenced lessons
  • Qualified and trained staff who have regular CPD
  • Adhere to schools marking and feedback policy
  • Consistency in expectations of behaviour management in line with school policy
  • Cross curricular opportunities within school



These lessons aim to utilise PSHE, Work Skills and our impartial Careers Advisor to provide our learners with the opportunities they need to progress successfully to their chosen destination when they leave school. We utilise lessons in school, work place visits and work experience placements to give our learners a wide variety or opportunities so that they can progress from school and be in the best possible position to achieve their own individual aspirations.

Work Skills Long Term Map