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Religious Education

Religious Education


Religious Studies aims to develop students as respectful learners. Pupils will learn to understand and respect different religions, beliefs, values and understand their influence on individuals, communities, and cultures. Pupils will develop their sense of identity and belonging, preparing them for adult life as citizens in a diverse society.


KS3 Religious Studies at The Polygon School follows the Locally Agreed Syllabus, “Living Difference”. This syllabus is based upon understanding and responding to the key concepts within the major religious traditions and non-religious beliefs represented in Great Britain.

Religious Studies uses a cycle of enquiry which develops students’ skills at each stage of the process:


  • Communicate
  • Apply
  • Enquire
  • Contextualise
  • Evaluate

If you have any concerns with your son participating in RE lessons please let the Head teacher know as soon as possible so that we can work with you to arrange an appropriate alternative.