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All pupils at Polygon school have four, 40 minute maths lessons each week. They are assessed three times a year to give a maths level. Those pupils who are working below expected level will be given 1:1 support in class to enhance learning.

Teachers and support staff encourage pupils to develop at their own level, accessing correct guidance, support and explanations offered.

Schemes of work for all topics in number, algebra, shape and measure and data handling ensure full national curriculum programme is a broad and balanced programme of studies. Problem solving is integrated throughout all topics to allow pupils to fully understand concepts.


Key Stage 3 Curriculum

For pupils in Year 7 the programme of study is closely linked to the Year 7 National Curriculum with differentiated work for pupils working below expected standard. Some children take their Entry Level qualification during Year 7.​

Pupils in Year 8 continue developing their mathematical understanding. All pupils have access to the full maths programme. Those pupils working below expected standard will have access to 1:1 support.


Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Pupils in Year 9 start establishing a good base ready for GCSE. They are encouraged to problem solve and use previous knowledge of maths to increase their confidence and become independent learners. Some will take their Functional skills exams if ready. All those who have not achieved entry level yet will be entered for the tests before the end of Year 9.


Pupils in Year 10 and 11 complete a two year course in GCSE mathematics. All pupils take the foundation course with the opportunity to achieve a grade 1-5 (old GCSE F-B). All areas covered are the building blocks for achieving a 3 Grade, all pupils have the opportunity to attain a Grade 5 and are encouraged to reach their full potential. After school classes are held weekly to extend understanding of the course material.