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An idea grows in to a working bike hub!

Bike hub created at The Polygon School!


"The Bike Hub", it all started with Mr Bartlett needing a few bikes to work with a new pupil 1:1.  He had an idea and decided to put an advert on The Romsey Facebook group, asking if anybody wished to donate their old and unwanted bikes.  The response was amazing and he was inundated with offers.  He spent the following weeks collecting bikes from all over Southampton, ending up with just over 30 bikes...the school garage is full! 


This idea happened at the same time the schools transport facilities were changing and the "Bike Hub" project was put in place where we have started to fix up the bikes to gift to those boys who need them.  Boys who are in line for a bike, come and work on them so they have an understanding of the maintenance involved in owning a bike.  They also have the reward of taking ownership knowing they earnt the bike by bringing it back to life by themselves.


The "Bike Hub" has also been utilised as an intervention for pupils who would benefit from a practical engagement session.  Pupils are working on their own bikes that they will then get to take home once they are finished and will then be able to ride them to school.  Riding sessions are also planned for after half term to help pupils feel more confident in tackling the streets of Southampton on their way to school.


Quotes from pupils:


"Wow, did we really get given all these for free, that's amazing that people have done that"


"There are so many bikes, this is going to be so much fun Sir."


"I really want to fix a bike with you Sir, because I would love to be able to ride to school."