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We´re Gold! Healthy High Five Award

Healthy High 5 GOLD Award at The Polygon School


The Healthy High 5 Award was launched in Southampton to make it easier for schools to provide healthy and fun activities for all pupils to improve their wellbeing (the award is slightly different for primary schools as is age appropriate).


The award is comprised of 5 “Stars” to achieve:


  • Physical activity
  • Mindfulness minute
  • Water beats fizzy/energy drinks
  • Shorter queues for healthier lunch options
  • Love your lungs (smoking/vaping education)


These goals/stars link in with Life Lab, a service provided at Southampton General Hospital to help educate young people about lifelong health.


At the Polygon we are proud to say that we have now achieved a GOLD award! 

Lots of hard work has been done to progress from “Working towards Bronze”, “Bronze”, “Silver” and finally “GOLD”!


We have been taking part in this scheme for 2 years now and plan to continue with it as it is a timetabled lesson, and part of our everyday routine now at school that the pupils enjoy.


***Photos of various HH5 activities can be seen on our blog. Our digital GOLD award logo is displayed on The Polygon School homepage (see bottom banner) and our physical copy is displayed in the school reception***


For more information about Healthy High 5 please see: