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Letter from the Headteacher

                                                                                                                               Tuesday 18th May  2020

Dear members of the Polygon School community,


Many of you will have heard on the news that schools have been asked to develop plans to re-open the schools after the half-term holiday. From 1st June, school are expected to consider who will need a place.

At Polygon, the vast majority of families, for the time being, would prefer to keep their children safe, and those children will stay at home, continuing to access on-line learning.

The children of key workers, those needing daily childcare and for some parents who have requested their child returns to school, the school will slowly start to develop a school based offer. No family will be penalised for wanting to keep their child at home.

The Governors have taken steps to ensure that those people using the school building are as safe as they possibly can be. A number of changes to the school day will occur, such as, children moving around the building will be limited, with most boys spending the majority of their lessons in the same classroom. Pupils will be issued with their own personal equipment for writing and drawing, to try to reduce the risk of cross contamination. An additional member of domestic staff will be employed to be a continual cleaning presence in all communal areas. Social distancing will be practiced. Doors to most rooms will remain opened, so that there is little need to use door handles. Hand washing will be an expectation at the start of each lesson.

Many families will have now spoken to a member of staff about the targets in your child’s Education, Health and Care Plan. Every EHCP is written in the expectation that the child will attend school every day. However, in the world with Coronavirus, full time attendance in the school building is neither expected or necessary, as much learning has moved on-line. The school will make all reasonable endeavours to ensure that your child is supported towards the targets in their EHCP. However, it is to be expected that their progress will not be as rapid as everyone would have hoped.

I want to thank all of the parents/ carers who have been supportive of the school during this difficult time. The staff have worked together to try to ensure that everyone in our school community has been looked after, and kept informed about developments. During your weekly phone calls, please let the staff know if you would prefer your child to stay at home.

Please keep checking the school website for messages.

Above all, stay safe.



Anne Hendon-John.