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Transporting your child to School

To Parent/Carers,

Please find below the latest government guidance on using transport when travelling to and from school in relations to using public transport, cycling and walking. Please use these measures when travelling form home to school and the return journey.

Regards, The Polygon School

Transporting your Child to School

Plan your journey

Can you travel when traffic is quieter

Plan your route - try to take to most direct bus, cycle or walking route

Wash your hands before you leave for school

Take hand sanitiser and/or a face covering with you


On your journey*

Stay 2M apart from other people

Buses may be running at 25% capacity so you may have to wait

Be patient using public transport and follow instructions from transport staff

If cycling follow road safety measures and the Highway Code

If walking stick to designated footpaths and walk through parks so there is more space around you


Completing your journey

Maintain a 2M distance where possible

Follow guidance at your destination

Wash or sanitise your hands as soon as possible


*Both Bluestar and City Red buses are running a 25% capacity (1 in 4 seats) to help maintain social distancing. A “full” bus will only be 25% full so please allow time to potentially have to catch the next bus in the service.